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Use of Benvido Albergues, S.L. online booking services

  • ONLINE BOOKING SERVICES: these services shall be used to book rooms and/or beds at any of the Benvido Albergues, S.L. Use of said services entails full, unreserved acceptance, and therefore enforceability, of the general conditions in the latest update of these terms.
  • BOOKING CONDITIONS: after using the service, the user will receive a confirmation email with a booking number. This email is their proof of booking and confirmation the booking has been accepted.
  • GUARANTEE AND CANCELATION POLICY: all bookings made through this website must be guaranteed with a credit card, provided by the user on the form. In the case of a no-show or cancellation within 24 hours of arrival, the credit card provided on the booking will automatically be charged for one night’s accommodation and the booking will be cancelled.
  • GENERAL RATES: Benvido Albergues, S.L. has a 1 day cancellation policy on this type of rates. No charges will apply if you cancel before 6pm on the day before arrival. If you cancel or fail to show, the rate for the first night will be charged to your credit card. To check the validity of your credit card and guarantee your booking, we reserve the rights to temporarily hold an amount prior to arrival as a pre-authorisation.
  • NON-REFUNDABLE RATES OR SPECIAL RATES: The total booking amount will be charged to your credit card. No refunds will be made. The special deal makes it worthwhile!

To cancel a booking, contact the hostel from Monday to Sunday.

Data protection

In accordance with the provisions of the Personal Data Protection regulations, we inform you that you are providing your personal data to the Data Controller: BENVIDO ALBERGUES, S.L. (hereinafter THE ENTITY), with address at Praza do Toural, 10, 1º, 15705 SANTIAGO DE COMPOSTELA (Registro Mercantil de Santiago de Compostela, Tomo 310, Folio 66, Inscripción 1ª, Hoja SC-49024) and with contact e-mail address: info@montedogozo.com


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  • Right to request the limitation of its processing, and to object to the processing.
  • Right to data portability.

To exercise your rights, you only need to make a request in writing and join a copy of your ID.

BENVIDO ALBERGUES, S.L. has specific forms for this purpose. You only need to request them or submit your own letter to Praza do Toural, 10, 1º, 15705 SANTIAGO DE COMPOSTELA or by email at gdpr@grupocarris.com.


The personal data provided will be kept during the contractual life cycle, understood as service provision and development of the loyalty policy. Once the indicated term has expired or if the client exercises his/her right of withdrawal, the data will be deleted or blocked, unless otherwise required by law.


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Limited liability

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Applicable law and jurisdiction

These conditions shall be governed by current law in the country where the BENVIDO ALBERGUES S.L. establishments are located, which shall apply in any cases not covered in these general terms and conditions in terms of interpretation, validity and execution. The aforementioned companies* and the user waive their rights to any other jurisdiction that may apply, and shall take up any discrepancies that may arise through the provision of the services to which these general terms and conditions pertain with the Courts of Santiago de Compostela.

Rules and Regulations – Benvido Albergues S.L.

For all legal purposes and effects, the management of Benvido Albergues S.L. would like to inform its guests of the following rules and regulations in order that we can provide the best experience:


At check-in, a key will be provided to each guest. At checkout, all keys must be returned without any damages that impair their use. If all keys are not returned, or if they are damaged, € 1.00 (one euro) will be charged from the deposit or charged directly for each missing/damaged key.


When checking in, Benvido Albergues reserves the right to request a deposit of between € 25,00 and € 50,00 per guest to guarantee any damages that may be caused during their stay.

At check-out, and once the absence of any damages likely to cause the deposit to be kept has been confirmed, the latter will be returned to the guest.

In the event that any damage caused to the premise is directly attributable to deliberate intent on the part of the guest, the amount required for compensation for the damage will be directly and automatically deducted from the value of the deposit, without prejudice to recourse to applicable legal procedures.


Out of courtesy, all guests are requested to minimize noise in common areas, especially corridors and areas near rooms.

No noise is permitted between 23:00 and 7:00 the next day. If a guest persists in making noise after having been warned, the competent authorities will be called. Violation of these rules constitutes misconduct and may be sanctioned under applicable legal terms.


Smoking is prohibited in the establishment.

Whenever there are infractions of this rule, any employee of the hostel must request that smokers abstain from smoking and, if the latter do not comply, the employee will call the administrative or police authorities, who will take appropriate measures.

The offence is punishable by a fine of 50 to 750 euros.

General Prohibitions:

Without prejudice to the above and the general rules on local accommodation, in the hostel facilities guests should not:

  1. Alter the layout of the rooms and beds
  2. Leave rubbish in common and private spaces;
  3. Excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages inside the hostel;
  4. Eat or drink (only drinks purchased on the premises).
  5. Behave in a way that may jeopardize the regular operation of the hostel or disrupt the quality of service to be provided to other guests.

If a guest behaves in a way that is prohibited under the provisions of the previous point, he or she will be required to pay compensation of between 50 and 150 euros, depending on the damage caused to the hostel.

The Benvido Albergues S.L. reserves the right to debit the amount for the compensation through the guest’s credit card, the details of which shall be submitted upon check-in.

Penalties for improper conduct:

The management of the establishment reserves the right to be reimbursed and as such to penalize individuals/or groups in the event of confirming non-compliance with the hostel’s rules of operation and therefore loss of profits and damages caused, in accordance with the previous clauses.